Why help?

All teachers and many of our leadership staff attend conferences, seminars, and training for their continued development throughout the school year and over the summer. The school is given a small budget for these conferences; so, most often, the expenses are out-of-pocket for our teachers and staff. What better way to help them than to contribute towards their development?

How often will the program run?

Although you can make a donation at any time, we will be asking for donations three times throughout the school year (all corresponding to times when you would be considering a gift for your teacher/staff):

  1. Holidays

  2. End of school year


How does it all work?

  • Teacher and staff members submit their training needs to Mrs. Murray

  • Mrs. Murray approves; Submission is placed on website

  • Parents donate to selected programs in $10 increments from the website

  • Goals are met; teachers/staff attend training

  • Teachers/staff post to the website (and email parents) about the event

  • Teachers/staff transfer knowledge from the conference to their peers


We are truly a learning community at Baldwin so take this opportunity to show appreciation to those staff members who have taken the time to ask for your support. (Don’t forget your special areas teachers and support staff!) Please contact our Grants for Growth Coordinator with any questions.

Mrs. Murray,


In order for teachers and staff to keep up with the latest trends in education, it is important that they receive the proper training. This training, often referred to as Professional Development, allows teachers the opportunity to receive information that they feel is of interest or helps continue their growth professionally. 

Unfortunately, this PD is often expensive and many teachers have to pay for it out of their own pockets. Please help us help our teachers by donating to Grants for Growth. This program allows teachers to attend workshops they may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend. It not only benefits the teachers but ultimately helps our students by bringing new and innovating ideas into the classroom.Principal, Mrs. Murray

Mrs. Dorsey,

2nd Grade Teacher

Would you like to receive $$$$ for training instead of flowers, coffee mugs, pictures frames etc for teacher appreciation?

You can! With Grants for Growth you can attend the training you need to grow as a professional. Is it easy? You bet! I just filled out the application and then placed a link on my website for my parents. In my wish section I asked for donations for training.........and in 3 short weeks I had the money for the training, hotel, books and materials. I did some emails reminding them and spread the word to former students etc..... I received money from my parents as well as donations from other Baldwin parents and donors. I was able to attend a nationally known training that allowed me to network with professionals from all around the country. The whole process took about 1 hours of time, and that included writing some thank you notes! 

Try it this spring or summer, it was the easiest thing I have done all year, way better than TELPAS!




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