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From the President's desk....


Did you see Baldwin's mindfulness coach on Fox 7 news last week? We are lucky to have Jennifer Ferrante working with our Bobcats! 

Mindfulness is so important in all ages and aspects of life. Teaching kids techniques and awareness that will stay with them for a lifetime is powerful. But, it is also important for adults. Jennifer spoke at the PTA meeting in September. My biggest take-away from that meeting was her description of the Lizard and Wizard Brain ... I've been working on not letting my lizard brain react before my wizard brain engages. 

I know our mindfulness room is equipped with great tools to get our Bobcats back on track. Did you know, the school also worked to put small mindfulness kits in each classroom? You can create your own kit at home - things like squishy toys and bubble timers work wonders in calming me down!  And, of course, there are thousands of books about mindfulness you may be interested in reading. 

There are millions of products to choose from on  Check it out today! As an Amazon Associate, Baldwin PTA earns from qualifying purchases #commissionsearned. 

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Janice McCoy

2019-2020 President




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